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Vladimir Zamkovoy

Skills Summary

Expertise includes design and development of Network topology and system decisions for the company, development of security strategy, installation and maintenance of various network services, design of consolidated storages and systems, services. A hardworking team player however able to work independently, with excellent troubleshooting and problem solving and communication skills, perform well under pressure. Very fast learner.

Computer Skills Summary

Over 10 years of technical experience
9 years Unix and network administration experience
Strong experience and knowledge of Unix: AIX, HP-UX, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD
Strong experience and knowledge of SAN: IBM ESS, IBM FAStT, EMC CLARiiON.
Strong experience and knowledge of IBM pSeries and TotalStorage products.
Strong experience and knowledge of AIX HACMP.
Strong experience and knowledge of AIX NIM and LPAR, Apache, WebSphere,TSM
Strong experience and knowledge of VPN IPSec implementations from various vendors.
Good knowledge of C/C++, Java, SQL
Deep understanding of network conception and IP protocols.

UNIX - AIX, HP-UX, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, OS/360,OS/370,MS-DOS, Windows 3.x/95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003

IBM 7133 , FAStT, ESS, EMC CLARiiON CX Models

Network/Remote Access
Cisco PIX/Concentrator, Xylogic, Xyplex, Annex, Digi TS, IPSec, SSH, PPP

C/C++, Java, Perl, SQL, various shells, awk, sed


2006 IBM Certified Systems Expert -- IBM System p5 Virtualization Technical Support
2006 IBM Certified Systems Expert -- eServer p5 and pSeries Enterprise Technical Support AIX 5L V5.3
2006 IBM Certified Specialist -- eServer p5 and pSeries Administration and Support for AIX 5L V5.3
2004 IBM Certified Specialist - High-End Disk Solutions Version 3 (ESS)
2003 IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert - AIX 5L and pSeries
2003 IBM Certified Specialist - p690 Technical Support
2001 Sun Certified Java 2 Programmer
2000 IBM Certified Specialist - pSeries AIX System Support
1999, 2000 Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
1991-1996 Dnepropetrovsk State University
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Masters Degree in Aero and Hydrodynamics, Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling; post-graduated in Aero and Hydrodynamics.

Employment History

May 2005 - Present
Relational, LLC
Largo, FL
Consultant, System Architect, Sr. AIX System Administrator.

Environment: Farm of p5 systems ranging from 505 to 595, VIOS,SPLPAR/DLPAR/LPAR, AIX 5.2-5.3, Linux on Power (SLES 9 - 10, RHEL 3 - 4), FC SAN ( EMC CX600 & CX700, DMX2000,HDS USP, IBM DS6800 ).

  • Designed and implemented p5 Server Farm infrastructure that included HA NIM master server acting as single point of control of p5 Server Farm & redundant HMCs, fully redundant Virtualized environment using APV and shared FC SAN storage that let customer to move AIX/Linux Virtual Clients between p5 systems in case of failure of the hosting frame or heavy workload to less busiest.
  • Designed and implemented automated system for generating and updating distribution OS images on NIM, implemented collection and monitoring services based on nmon and Ganglia subsystems.
  • Designed strategies of migrating system from SUN Solaris to IBM AIX, SOP for described environment and usage of the Farm in enterprise.

Duties included: system design and configuration (LVT and SPT), system installation and validation (hardware, OS, applications), system tuning and optimization for different workloads (warehouse, OLTP, Web Services, media content delivery), system maintenance (OS update, upgrade, microcode and firmware updates and upgrades, hardware upgrade), capacity and HA planning and implementation, migration of standalone system into Virtualized environment, problem determination and troubleshooting of hardware and OS failures, system dump analysis and formalization of DCR to IBM for AIX,HACMP,APV, data collection and monitoring of p5 enterprise environment (RSCT,HMC collection, nmon and Ganglia).

March 2005 - May 2005
Verizon Data Services
Temple Terrace, FL
System Engineer V

Operating systems: AIX 4.3.3 – AIX 5.3, HACMP v.5.1-v.5.2
Hardware: RS/6000 & pSeries (POWER4 610 – 690, p5 510,520,550,570), IBM FAStT, EMC Symmetrix, EMC CLARiiON, HDS 98xx Series, Digi TS.

  • Designed and implemented automated procedure of building “Golden Images” for farther system installation using NIM
  • Designed and implemented automated health reporting system for AIX
  • System installation, cerification of various products on AIX 5.3, NIM installation, configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting, HACMP cluster design, installation, configuration, troubleshooting.
  • ServiceAgent installation and configuration in Enterprise network for hardware error reporting to IBM.
  • HMC for POWER4 and p5 installation, configuration, maintenance, LPAR design, installation and configuration.

July 1999 - March 2005
SCC Soft Computer
Palm Harbor, FL
Sr.System Support & System Engineer & Security Network Administrator

Operating systems: AIX 4.2.1 - AIX 5.2; HP-UX 10.1-11.2; Linux; OpenBSD; Windows 2000/2003, Cisco PIX
Hardware: RS/6000 & pSeries(including p670 and p690), IMB ESS, IBM FAStT, IBM 7133, HP,PC; Annex, MRV Xyplex,MultiTech and Compaq modems, Digi TS & modem boards; SAN switches -IBM,McDATA; HP and Lexmark printers.

  • Designed and implemented broad variety of RAIDs configurations on ESS, FAStT and SSA disk subsystems.
  • Designed and implemented secure remote access and software deployment to managed systems -- more than 1000 hosts in about 120 networks deployed worldwide.
  • Designed and implemented system health check subsystems and monitoring tools.
  • Designed and implemented various utilities and scripts for application integration with third-party products (Esker VSI-FAX Server, Crystal Reports)
  • Designed department's SOPs.

Duties included: installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of AIX, firewalls (IBM and Linux iptables, Cisco PIX 506,515E), NIM, LDAP, Sendmail, TSM, SSH, NIS servers, system deployment, migration and health check; hardware installation and upgrade; planning, installation and configuration of LPAR systems (p690,p670, p650 and p630); planning, installation, configuration and maintenance of storage systems (FAStT 200,600, ESS, CX600); setting up communication between LIS system and medical analyzers, configuring peripherals - printers, modems, terminals, terminal servers; installation, configuration and maintenance of Tomcat, WebSphere.

July 1996 - July 1999
Information Systems Development, Inc
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Sr.Software Engineer

Operating systems: AIX 4.x, Windows 95/98/NT/2000; Windows 95/NT- AIX 3.2-4.3, HP_UX v.10.
Programming tools: C, MS Visual C++ 2.0-6.0 (MFC 4.2-6.0, IISAPI/COM/ATL), CORBA (VisiBroker 2.0-3.3), AIX CSet++, db_Vista-s API, Oracle, Oracle-s API, Rational Rose Development Suite.

  • Designed and implemented Client Account Manager for Account Receivable system.
  • Designed and implemented security system for Account Receivable system.
  • Designed DB for Account Receivable system.
  • Developed library of stored SQL procedures to manage data in ORACLE and Velosis databases.
  • Gave lectures on UNIX system (shell, shell scripting, tools), VisiBroker 3.2 for C++, MKS Source Integrity at study center of the company and at the Dnepropetrovsk State University, lectures on MFC and COM technology at the Dnepropetrovsk Mining State University.
  • Developed multi-tier application for clinical information system to redirect information between different instruments and workstations of a laboratory and central control server of the hospital.
  • Developed dump utility to monitor the coming data in databases with different topologies (Relational and non-relational databases).
  • Developed Web version of client-server application for clinical information system to allow remote order entry for new business (ASP, IISAPI, ADO)
  • Developed client-server application for a clinical information system to allow remote order entry for new business.
  • Developed library of C++ classes to provide data exchange and validation from/to database entry and window-s controls.
  • Developed customization system for graphical user interface.

July 1994 - July 1996
Dnepropetrovsk State University
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Mathematician-Analyst, Assistant of the Chair of Mathematical Modeling in Aero-hydrodynamics, Mechanics and Mathematics department

Gave lectures on numerical methods and mathematical simulations in aero-hydrodynamics, calculus of approximations, C/C++,FORTRAN and UNIX shell programming.

Professional Affiliations

References available upon request.


Vladimir Zamkovoy
(727) 771-8381 home
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